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Why we need frozen food?

The advantage of the method of cooling is a complete stop or slowing down of microbial growth in both chilled and frozen foods. Furthermore, foods preserved by this method retain vitamins and organoleptic characteristics of the fresh food. The fullfillment of such conditions requires compliance with the principles of transport conditions of perishable foodstuffs and the selection of proper means of transport. Special means of transport for perishable food items are:

  • insulated equipment
  • refrigerated equipment

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How carrier frozen food?

The most important things in transport frozen food is time and temperature. During the loading, transport and unloading, the highest temperature of frozen and deep-frozen foods should not exceed the temperatures given below and the variations of the temperature should be kept to the minimum

  • Ice cream -20˚C
  • Frozen or deep-frozen cream and fruit juice concentrates -20˚C
  • Frozen or deep-frozen fishes -18˚C
  • Any other deep frozen foodstaff -18˚C
  • Frozen butter and other fats -14˚C
  • Frozen offal, egg yolks, poultry and game -12˚C
  • Frozen meat -10˚C
  • Any other frozen foodstaff -10˚C
Carriers or drivers are required to control the temperature in the load box during transport, which is enabled by devices installed in vehicles recording the temperature during transport and equipped with a print option, the so-called thermographs.
Caring for food temperature was considered so important that it was regulated by law, which included regulation, control and recording of refrigeration transport temperature.

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