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What does fashon services involve?

The fashion industry is only seemingly undemanding. In fact, it is most susceptible to fluctuations in demand associated with seasonal sales, while the return of clothes or accessories is one of the biggest challenges for an online store. The service provider must be aware of this and be prepared to provide services at the highest possible level.

Fashion services in UK

Receipt and storage of fashion products

While the dress can go out of fashion, the fabric from which it was sewn does not have a specific expiry date, but nevertheless it should be provided with appropriate storage conditions: appropriate temperature, humidity and an adequate level of sunlight. Some fashion products, such as jackets, dresses or coats, should be stored on hangers, and all articles must be protected against dust and possible dirt. It is also important to check the quality of items for sale, which takes place before placing them on stock. Additional services, such as labeling and labeling, are also becoming increasingly popular among customers in the industry.

What is the return logistics?

An efficient return system is necessary for the customers of an online sales company to be satisfied and loyal. Very often, clothes bought online return to the seller dirty or damaged and cannot be sold again. Therefore, returned goods must be meticulously checked and classified, and those accepted for return in the system - properly prepared for resale, and therefore not only properly packaged, but also cleaned of minor dirt and ironed. All these activities must be carried out efficiently, quickly and with high quality services. An innovative solution is an international returns service center dedicated to the fashion industry. The complementary offer of small repairs and dry cleaning can additionally maximize the number of items suitable for resale.

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