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What is aggregate?

Aggregate is one of the basic materials used in construction and road construction. Land, on the other hand, is the main raw material used in the organization of greenery. Both of these materials are loose and bulky in storage and transport. Construction aggregate covers all types of building materials, such as sand, gravel, crushed stone, slag and geosynthetic aggregate, which are largely used in the construction sector. Aggregates are rock fragments extracted from river sediments, such as sand or gravel, or extracted from hard rock formations. These materials are crushed, shaped and screened and, if necessary, washed to achieve the final product. Aggregates are divided into two basic categories:

  • Primary, natural - extracted from quarries and river sediments.
  • Alternative - consisting of recovered concrete and secondary aggregates from other industrial waste, such as mining waste, slag and ash.

Aggregates transport in UK

How to transport aggregates efficiently?

Aggregate road transport should not be difficult or expensive. Different types of dump trucks are ideal for transporting all types of aggregates. Specialized companies in their work also use containers of various sizes, thanks to which not only transport, but also storage of aggregates in a way that will not be mixed with other material is possible.

What about transporting soil?

Similarly, aggregate performs soil transport. The size of the equipment offered by companies can be of great importance here. It is worth remembering that after the completion of large construction works, it will not be possible everywhere to travel by large dump trucks - it may be necessary to rent smaller vehicles that will meet the requirements in terms of the appropriate dimensions and weight.

What is important when you are planning transport of aggregates?

It should be remembered that the preferred location and type of material determine the mode of transport. In addition, there is a certain eligibility criterion that determines how the aggregate will be transferred from one place to another. That is why it is so important to prepare the details before contacting the logistics company. The company's employees with specialist knowledge will advise the best logistics solutions. The companies cooperate with a wide range of suppliers, which means that the selection of available materials is very wide and works well in various types of construction.

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