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Road safety and liquid fuel transport

   One of the elements affecting safety on public roads is the safe transport of liquid fuels. The rules for the carriage of liquid fuels are governed by the European Agreement concerning international road transport of dangerous goods commonly called the ADR agreement. A carrier carrying liquid fuels must comply with the general road traffic regulations and safety rules for this type of goods set out in the ADR.

Liquid transport in UK

What is liquid fuel transport?

   The notion of liquid fuel transport should be understood not only as the transport from point A to point B, but also activities related to the preparation of this transport, i.e. filling the tank and preparing it for public roads, as well as unloading and transferring the empty tank to the carrier. Correct filling and preparation of a liquid fuel tanker for transport as well as its transport and emptying at unloading places provides safety for road users and bystanders and the environment.

How is liquid fuel transported?

   Liquid fuels can be transported in various types of tanks:

  • permanent,
  • demountable,
  • portable,
  • tank containers
with construction, material, strength, pressure requirements specified in the law.

Why marking of vehicles carrying liquid fuels is important?

   Labeling of vehicles carrying liquid fuels is information not only for the carriers of these goods themselves, but also for other road users. Drivers of vehicles encountering a marked vehicle on their way orange boards should exercise extreme caution. They should be aware that causing an obstruction of such a vehicle or even a minor collision with such a vehicle may lead to an accident with serious consequences for the health and safety of public road users, environmental damage and material losses. Also for emergency services, orange boards and stickers are information about the threat posed by the transported goods and what rescue actions should be taken to ensure the safety of bystanders and limit damage.

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