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What is the definition of a container?

It is a durable transport device with a construction that guarantees repeated use. Its construction enables transport by one or many means of transport without having to reload the load contained in it. It is properly equipped to facilitate fixing, handling and handling from one means of transport to another. Its design allows easy loading and unloading of goods.

Container transport in UK

What are the dimensions of the container?

Type External Length mm Interior Length mm External Width mm Interior Width mm External Height mm Interior Height mm Maximum gross weight in tonnes Internal volume m3
1AA 12192 11998 2438 2330 2591 2350 30,48 65,7
1A 12192 11998 2438 2330 2438 2197 30,48 61,4
1AX 12192 11998 2438 2330 <2438 - 30,48 -
1BB 9125 8931 2438 2330 2591 2350 25,4 48,9
1B 9125 8931 2438 2330 2438 2197 25,4 45,7
1BX 9125 8931 2438 2330 <2438 - 25,4 -
1CC 6058 5867 2438 2330 2591 2350 20,32 32,1
1C 6058 5867 2438 2330 2438 2197 20,32 30
1CX 6058 5867 2438 2330 <2438 - 20,32 -
1D 2991 2802 2438 2330 2438 2197 10,16 14,3
1DX 2991 2802 2438 2330 <2438 - 10,16 -

What are the container types?

Due to the purpose and construction, we distinguish the following types of containers:

  • general purpose „dry van” – intended for the carriage of: goods in cardboard packaging, parcels, boxes, bags, bales, pallets, drums,
  • high cube,
  • high cube palletwide – intended for the carriage of EUR pallets,
  • open side – for transporting oversize loads,
  • temperature controlled:
    • refrigerated container,
    • insulated container,
    • heated container,
    • thermal container,
    • mechanically refrigerated container,
  • ventilated container – for carrying organic loads,
  • gas bottle,
  • rolling floor – designed for difficult to move loads,
  • open top „bulktainers” – intended for transporting bulk cargoes, machines,
  • tank container – for transporting liquid loads,
  • generator – containing ready-to-use devices, e.g. generating sets, water treatment plants,
  • flushfolding flat-rack container – for heavy and bulky loads,
  • platform container – have a durable floor for loads with high point pressure,
  • collapsible ISO,
  • container with removable housing (walls and ceiling),
  • container with Swap Body self-loading supports.

What are the ways of transporting containers?

The dimensions of the containers and their construction properties mean that special means of transport are used for their transport. They also ensure quick loading and unloading as well as safe transport.

Maritime transport

The following types of ships are used in shipping for container transport:

  • Container ships - lift on-lift off units, the most commonly used type of ship used on transcontinental lines and in cabotage shipping.
  • Semi container ships - ships partially adapted to transport containers, used in directions with a low stream of container cargo, can also transport general cargo.
  • Rolling cargo vessels are characterized by a horizontal transhipment system (roll on-roll off). Containers constitute a significant part of the cargo they transport.

Railway transport

Special container wagons and platform wagons are used in this type of transport. They are only steel frame structures based on two or four axes, with no floor, side walls or roof. Instead, they are equipped with the right number of pins to attach the containers. Platform cars differ from them only by the presence of the floor.

Car transport

Road transport of containers is carried out by trucks usually consisting of two parts - a tractor unit and a containerized semi-trailer. This type of semi-trailer is a special steel frame structure, consisting of two longitudinal girders and two or three transverse girders located on three axles. Also, as in the case of railway wagons, they are equipped with pivots for securing this type of load.

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